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Why Do Some Trucks Have Strips Hanging Near Their Tyres?


Have you ever wondered why some trucks have strips hanging near their t yres? Perhaps you were stuck in traffic, looking at the cars and trucks around you. Did you notice the rubber strips hanging near the tyres of some trucks? Were you wondering what they were for? In this article we’ll explain why some trucks have strips on their tyres.

These strips prevent static electricity from building up on the car body. This static electricity builds up when the car travels, as the tires rub against the metal body. Besides, the strips can reduce radio interference, electric shocks when opening the doors, and even car sickness. The reason some trucks have anti-static strips near their tyres is to help them last longer. Besides the safety aspect, these strips also look cool.

The rubber strips help keep the truck clean by sweeping dust off the truck tires. Similarly, removing dust from the truck is easier because the strips make it easier to wash the vehicle. While a normal car wash can be a breeze, truck drivers may not know that they have so many tires. Commercial van tyres are enormous. Leaving the truck to the car washer can take more time and more money.

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