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Why Do Not Tractor Trailers Use Snow Tires?


A recent cold snap has caused a backlog of traffic in Halifax. Katherine Ogden was driving from Halifax to her home in Truro, Nova Scotia. It normally takes her about an hour to get to her destination. But she encountered two tractor trailers stuck on the highway 102 exit ramp as she approached her destination. This has led to many drivers overestimating the capability of their four-wheel drive pickups.

Trucks equipped with snow tires are much more likely to be safe on icy surfaces than vehicles equipped with other tire types. Four-wheel drive vehicles, which are capable of traction on uneven surfaces, are no substitute for snow tires. Four-wheel drive vehicles may help a truck maintain control in suboptimal conditions, but they cannot make up for the lack of traction on ice and snow. Snow tires are the only option for trucks that have to navigate suboptimal road conditions, but they are not as efficient as snow-reflecting tires.

Drivers should adjust their driving style to the conditions. Professional truck drivers must adapt to driving in poor weather conditions. Good skid-control skills and excellent maneuvering skills are necessary to safely navigate the roads. And they need to know when conditions are dangerous. The good news is that they can adapt and improve their skills in varying weather conditions. If they do not, it can be a dangerous situation for them and for the truckers themselves.