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Whats Difference in Lifestyle of Different Classes in India?


According to a recent study, the majority of Indians, living in cities and villages, describe themselves as middle class. In comparison, 45% of respondents in the lowest income group rank themselves in the middle class. According to the researchers, the expansion of the middle class in India is a result of the inclusion of near-poor and vulnerable groups Newmags. This is reflected in the lower middle class, which lives on two to four dollars a day.

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The Hindus explain the existence of castes by citing the deity Brahma, the four-headed creator of the universe. The ancient text Rigveda describes the division of society in India by a number of categories based on Brahma’s divine manifestation. Priests, rulers, and warriors were cast from Brahma’s mouth, while merchants, workers, and other lower classes were cast from his thighs and feet f95web.

During the Mughal Empire, the “colonial” middle class was largely defined by consumption. The British government made sure that a certain percentage of government jobs were reserved for lower castes. After independence, India moved towards a market-led capitalist economy. While the country initially experimented with democratic socialism, the policies failed to generate robust growth. In the 1990s, India started following free-market policies wolowtube.

The traditional Indians wear sarees, while their western counterparts wear kurta pajamas. Transparent dresses are not acceptable in India. The country is home to 122 major languages. The food differs based on the region, the spices used and the manner in which they are made. Indian sculptures and architecture are world-famous. For foreign employers, the Indian market can be overwhelming, but in return europixhdpro, the Indian culture is worth the effort.

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