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Is We Buy Any Car a Scam?


The We Buy Any Car company is known for offering low-ball valuations for vehicles. It also offers a guaranteed buy. This company claims that it offers quick processing of the car buying process, but complaints have been made about poor customer service. Customers have complained that the company haggles to reduce the value of their car, and also points out issues with the car in order to justify the negotiation. While the advertised price of the vehicle may be a bargain, it is often a scam.

The WeBuyAnyCar company has branches in most states, and it thoroughly inspects every vehicle. It’s possible to enter an appointment with them and receive an offer within a few days. However, this timeframe is based on distance, availability of an appointment, and negotiation. In some cases, the process takes as little as 30 minutes. However, the final price may be significantly lower if the car has minor problems or requires repair.

Another important benefit of We Buy Any Car is that it offers a free, no-obligation appraisal of your car. The valuation is based on the demand for that particular model. The company’s inspection facilities are available nationwide, and if your car is sold, you get a check in the mail. If the car does not sell, the company offers a free inspection. It’s also possible to get a free inspection of your car in case of any problems.