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How to Make Time for the Activities that Spark Creativity & Joy?


Modern-day life is consuming and demanding, focusing all our energies and time on financial stability and independence. The desire to lead comfortable and financially secure lives compels us to work around the clock, maximizing our efficiency and productivity. But the perpetual struggle of chasing deadlines and impressing one’s bosses can make life an unfulfilling pursuit of money.

A fulfilling life demands a healthy diet, a satisfying fitness regime, and ample me-time to indulge in creative projects and fun hobbies. Your life does not and should not revolve solely around work, as making time for yourself is important to feel happy. The idea of making time for one’s hobbies may seem easier said than done, but there is a way to create a healthy work-life balance.

Read on to explore some practical strategies to make time for activities that spark joy.

Create a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Suppose you’re working more than 8 hours a day without any additional financial compensation and at the expense of your well-being. In that case, you must create healthy boundaries to achieve a work-life balance. The pursuit of financial independence and stability does not demand working throughout the day and night.

All it takes is a streamlined schedule and productivity to tackle all work-related tasks within the official work hours. Work typically spills into our personal time when we become lethargic and waste time procrastinating and scrolling on social media. It is also important to set firm boundaries with your manager and employers and remind them that your personal time cannot be devoted to work-related tasks.

Master the Art of Saying No

Many people struggle to say no when approached for favors and help. They end up using much of their free time assisting others with their work, home improvement projects and day-to-day chores. Being helpful and generous with one’s time reflects kindness. But this kindness should not be dispensed at the expense of your own life quality and well-being.

Declining requests for help every now and then is important to prioritize your own interests and desires. It is important to set firm boundaries and use your time to enrich your life with artistic pursuits and fun hobbies that satisfy your soul.

Embrace the Right Tech

Tech-savvy gadgets make it easier for us to indulge in our hobbies and interests while managing our numerous domestic and professional responsibilities. There’s a gadget for everything, from cooking and gardening to reading and gaming. Embracing the right gadgets will ensure convenience, allowing you to multitask and enjoy your hobbies on the go.

For instance, people who struggle to make time for reading can invest in a Kindle to read their favorite authors while commuting or traveling. Likewise, avid gardeners can invest in smart indoor gardening systems to monitor their plants’ growth and nutritional needs from anywhere.

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Final Thoughts

Making time for the things we love isn’t as challenging as it seems. All it takes is a streamlined daily routine, and firm boundaries focused on prioritizing your hobbies and interests. If you don’t set priorities, you will never be able to make time to indulge in activities you genuinely enjoy.