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Does the Rap Music Now Give a Good Message in Its Lyrics?


The lyrics of today’s rap music are not just about hip-hop, they are about society. Many rappers are talking about inner-city life and the struggles that people face. It may seem that they are glorifying their situation, but in reality, rappers are telling listeners that they can overcome their own difficulties and become successful. This gives hope to the youth who may be going through similar challenges.

There is a catch to being political. Rappers may not intend to set a poor example for the youth, but they are simply trying to make money. Many rappers come from impoverished backgrounds and realize that rap is a great opportunity to make money while still young. But the question remains, does the rap music now give a good message in its lyrics?

While rap music has always been a negative influence on society, some songs have positive messages. These songs denounce violence and call for peace in inner cities. Some promote social equality, such as “Self Destruction” by East Coast All Stars. Those are just a few examples of the good things that can come from rap. Many of these songs are still marketed as entertainment, but they can influence society positively.

While it’s hard to find examples of rap music that is positive, there are artists who do so with the wrong messages. “Rap isn’t for everyone,” says Jackson Gagne, an independent music producer and engineer in Welland, Ont. While he’s sympathetic to rap music, he believes it should be used to spread good messages and improve the world.

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