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Addressing a Lawyer in an Email


Generally, attorneys are addressed as Mr. or Ms., even if they are married or have children. You can also address them as “Esquire,” which is a courtesy title in the legal field but not a proper salutation for social correspondence. For example, if you are addressing a lawyer to a party, you should address the recipient by his or her last name, not his or her first name.

After the title, you should follow it with the full name of the attorney. You may also want to include a comma before the name. In addition, you should also include a title, like “Esq.,” which stands for “lawyer.” In addition, you can add the name of the firm that the lawyer is with. Finally, you should include the lawyer’s full mailing address and other details as appropriate.

You can also address the attorney by using his or her first name, or by his or her full title. A private lawyer’s address is generally “Dear Mr. or Ms….”, while a lawyer’s email address is usually “Esquire,” “Attorney at Law,” or “Mr.” or even “Ms.”